Gummy Smile Review

January 5, 2020 by admin

For this topic, Mouse would like to be a bit unconventional, then to talk about surgery, let’s come to “teeth” a bit.

Like a program that Mouse has wanted to do for a long time and is like an inferiority complex with a big wheel. “Smile to see the gum” or call it chic, Gummy Smile.
Sounds cute. Haha. Let’s expand the comment together.


       Is when smiling and seeing more gum than usual on the upper teeth. Of course, anyone who has this problem will lose confidence because it doesn’t look beautiful. This mouse is working in this area Smile is not enough to see the gums, but the teeth are too short. The mouth is also small, worse than before. But the gum itself is so the problem becomes that people can’t smile When shooting at the camera, I have to ask to smile and see the teeth all the time. Felt bad when accidentally laughing Have fun chatting with friends. Smile with a full gum. The more time to find pictures in the moment when laughing When smiling, he saw the gum like Even more ugly
The girlfriend is always teasing then being a short tooth. Small mouth too If a normal smile would not be seen much Having to be unaware, then becoming a person who smiles, has to contract the mouth so as not to see many gums Which the mouse will say in a slightly technical way What causes people to smile and see their gums? And there are many ways to fix it. Mouse will talk about the clinic that Mouse chose to take care of. Share the mouse case first.
In case of an alternative for friends who have the same problem

Regarding the clinic chosen by Mouse I’m in Chiang Mai If anyone is not in Chiang Mai May be able to use this information as useful Each clinic care The methods are probably similar. May be a little different with other details Such as services etc.

Is a clinic that Mouse selects to take care of the mouse in terms of teeth Usually, tell first. That Mice almost did not go to a dental clinic Because lucky that never had any oral diseases Because personally, I don’t like very much about dentistry Feeling that many people who have decayed teeth, which are also suffering from wisdom teeth The mouse used to be in “just scaling” and “accident of falling into a 2-story bed”, just this small part. Haha, when the mouse boy got an accident, dropped a 2-story bed to the ground At that time, in addition to having 2 broken front teeth, I had to splint for several months. Therefore need to extract teeth for a period Luckily, it was still a baby tooth but just knew that the feeling with the dentist at that time was very bad. Which would endure the pain for many days. Since then, I have not gone to a dental clinic anymore. Who likes to ask if Mouse has ever had braces? The mouse has never been a tooth. Like this since childhood Fortunately, many people tell their strong teeth to be arranged according to the stomach. Really big problem which Here before the mouse gets in and cuts that gum Mouse used to use the service once. Was buying a home-made teeth whitening kit at the Phra Sing Branch, impressed to a certain extent, but didn’t come often And the teeth are actually whiter Affordable too Therefore do not have to judge for a long time to come to do here

For Dental me regarding the service here If speaking easily, can clearly see the picture, they are teenagers Did not enter and sit and die Seeing an old doctor who doesn’t speak much about communication, is difficult to understand, not understanding teenagers, hahaha. This is a very modern style doctor Like talking in teen language and telling us what we want comfortably And a team of dentists who are experts in all branches are ready to serve customers Including services that if many Whether general dentistry Root canal treatment, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry implants Other oral health care. And here, there are a lot of beautiful girls, handsome young people, young teens and fresh braces. As for the service, cleanliness is an international standard. Modern equipment Making it not difficult for Mouse to decide to use the service here. Let’s look at the preparation section.

The first day, the doctor will make an appointment to analyze the case. Which the mouse goes to Phra Singh branch (if you can’t think of it, it is near the tutorial of Davong. The alley that crosses between the front of the district to the police station) meets with the doctor first. After that he was sent to Doctor Chai. Which is specialized in gums directly At first, the mouse said first. That Mao intended to do the veneer because he thought that he would be able to solve his short teeth But Doctor Chai advises that when looking at the mouse, it is not necessary to make a veneer because the veneers that we see a lot of celebrities do. Suitable for cases where the teeth on the face are not pretty, or the teeth are really problematic, or for people who work in a way that has to take pictures nearby on TV. So it’s better not to do And the mouse appearance is still good Having only short teeth problems Smile, see clearly the gums Which there is another additional problem is Like the bones on the upper gums, also appearing to be sharpened Which Dr. Chai also brought other pictures of cases to show Honestly, “very goosebumps.” If not, look more likely to be giddy than this. Haha, but Doctor Chai recommended and explained in detail how many teeth the mouse can cut. Can be cut much, much like this, which after that day We have to make an appointment for the queue. At that time, Mouse directly said that he came back to accept for many days, haha.
It’s the day of the appointment and it’s time for excitement again. If comparing the nose rhinoplasty with the eye surgery and now, what time is the most exciting when the eye is done? The feeling now is still calm, so brush your teeth first. Get dressed up Before telling his girlfriend that Can I take some delicious food first?
He is happy. Which Mice choose to eat is “Som Tum Crab and Pickled Fish” Hahahahahahahahahahahahah
Really, shouldn’t it? Like eating this much, then having to lie and open your mouth to the dentist for fun, but that’s okay.
The mouse doesn’t hold. Well, it’s really wanted Classified as a favorite pickled fish. Or afraid that they won’t be able to eat for a long time. And typing here is 2 am Almost swallowed my own saliva, so it is very hard. At papaya salad Udon (insert advertisement, haha) that way through Because the nearest appointment is “The branch in front of Dara Hotel”
The time for the appointment is 5 o’clock in the afternoon. It is indented with Dara School, so it is on the road. Anyone who goes might have to find a parking space along the side of the road. But not very hard to find Despite the moment when the mouse goes, the car should get stuck Should be hard to find but not difficult Or not lucky However, try to spare time to find a parking space as well. Mouse comfort, no need to find Just send my girlfriend to send Let us leave and he then returned first. The mouse then flew comfortably. Cut worry about finding a place to park

Then open the door to the front of the PR to serve the customer Then lifted up his eyes to make eye contact. Really, eye contact with customers sitting around Is to go to see the counter and the left is the waiting seat Customers turn to look at As if it were our instincts. We would probably do it. Then the front PR looked up and smiled. So we hurriedly introduce ourselves “The mouse that the doctor made an appointment”. He hurried to Bang Oh. What a relief, haha ​​and greet each other as people just met for the first time. In conclusion, his name is “Pee Mai”. Very good care, friendly, fun talk, very cute. So we’ve got reminders. That it is very necessary Of various locations Not just a clinic, because if you come in and encounter frown like a mackerel Or the staff that likes Group gossip about customers Gossip is not okay. Like this, the mouse has reduced a lot of stiffness Right now there is only a waiting queue for the doctor … Very soon … “Nong Mouse invited to go to the first floor of the 2nd room.” What should I do? Press the water below. Eat first. Gargle a little Once the relief of the papaya salad is a bit hahaha and started to get a little excited. Hurry to walk up. Found a ladder like a fancy If you remember correctly, you will see the green first. Very modern, then walk to observe. Go up to find like mezzanine. Provided as a waiting seat for relatives who came to deliver about that? Very nice Hey, if not afraid Chai Chai waits. Will stop and sit a bit, haha
Then walked up to another floor This time it’s another color. Very fancy. I thought I was in a nursery where the colors lure the kids, haha. Then it arrived. Walked into the first room and … was stunned again !!! Meaning never seen this bad dental room !!! Is like … It’s mosquito net, it is sweet, it’s lady, it’s sweet, it’s clear, it’s soft, it’s yes it’s good, haha. It’s very sleepy. Unlike dental rooms Was forgetting to be excited about just mentioning the room Whoever designed this room to lure the sweet and beautiful gibbons like us, hahahahahaha It’s ok. It works. Haha
Come to the story Seems to be too fun with the sweet pink dental room. In conclusion, it suits the clear gibbons like us. Hahaha and then talk to Doctor Chai again. This time, get to know Dr. Chai a little more. And additional senses From what I didn’t see on the first day I saw, “Doctor Chai is so cute. Yes, very friendly Funny and very playful ”
Today, the assistant doctor who looks after the mouse Is “Newbie The people who meet below I’m glad. “The doctor assessed the case again. Which the doctor will tell you about how many millimeters can be removed
Doctor Chai’s teeth are said to be very rare because the teeth are very short. And the gums are short And have to sharpen the bones because the bones appear at the top cheeks (afraid of this To be honest, just cut the gum down. But sharpening the bones is not OK, not willing to do so very scared) but must do Then go to bed Prepare for this fate
The most exciting thing about this time is “anesthesia”. I remember when I was injecting it, it was very painful.
And it happens (again) .. Who doesn’t want to read a lot Here, go straight to the conclusion.
Then the sterile fabric is covered on the face of the mouse The hands began to come together again.
In order to encourage myself
 (  。・ˇ_ˇ・。 )
Start anesthetic
(. __.  )

This could have been a role instead of feeling the mouse at that time.

“Why can’t it be all over?”

Injected many needles Getting more numb Didn’t get a lot of pain
Here, when you do it, you may not feel like drunken Depends on each person’s patience
But the mouse is so cool Therefore began to be a little relieved

And the doctor said that he would start cutting gums Which may have a slight smell (burning scent) Because using a laser too
Something like this that is catchy It is said that the technique of the doctor.
The doctor will ask, “Does it hurt?” The mouse answered, in truth, that it didn’t hurt and didn’t feel anything at all.

“You’ll have to sharpen the bones.”

No, this sentence has arrived. Don’t want to hear

The doctor said the reason If the mouse does not hone The future will be like this.
So have to do it on both sides, asking how it is The doctor will use anything unknown as if using a leverage.
And then sharpening with a machine that feels like when scaling Come to sharpen our bones

Does it hurt? I’m still not feeling well about doing it.

Passed through it for about 1 hour

Finished When gargling for the 2nd time
Summarize as follows
How long does it take to do?
If just cutting the gums should be combined for 1 hour, but the mouse also has a bone sharpener, it will take a little longer.
Does it hurt when you hurt?
Someone once said that making a tooth hurts Mao has always understood that. But to cut the gums today, to be honest, it’s not as painful as you think May feel a slight pain when anesthesia But the mouse does not hurt anything, but it feels strange while doing it. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt but it’s not much fun.
Does it hurt after the injury?
Before doing the mouse, the mouse prepared a lot of heart. Because the doctor said The anesthetic will be in pain and burning like in the hot Then sharpen the bones too Meaning to prepare my heart When finished, ask for the clinic to take the painkiller, and then the pain will last for 2-3 days and also tell that you can not eat anything for 2-3 days. Eat light, do not eat spicy. Which it can be guessed? Because cutting the gums, if eating something hot or very spicy, it must be stinging, but believe from the mouse. Do you believe that The mouse doesn’t hurt at all. Doesn’t hurt a bit No matter what time Drugs that the clinic provides I didn’t eat at all. Both pain relief and inflammation. Hahahahaha, every job when making pearls, making eyes, never taking medicine. And when the mouse came home That night Mao has prepared himself that In the morning, definitely have pain. It turns out that my eyes opened in the morning. Hurry. Moving the mouth does not hurt. It is very satisfying to not hurt. The second day the doctor said that Can’t eat anything The mouse is also spicy. Hahahahahahahaha Eating sweet basil with chewed chicken is very normal. What is a confused fan? Because he had previously had an impact on his wisdom teeth So he wants the mouse to have that moment Because the mouse laughed at him a lot It turns out that the mouse does not have, does not take medicine, does not hurt, does not hurt and can eat everything. But wait a moment, would recommend again Because he didn’t want to follow along like the mouse In case something happens, I will blame you. No problem, hahahaha.
The cost?
** Prices start at 3,000-10,000 – not considered expensive. Each case must see a doctor first in order for the doctor to assess the cost.
After Dental Care?
Honestly, nothing is difficult. He will just have to refrain from spicy food during the first 4-5 days.
Do not brush hard on the gums that are cut. Leave aside, refrain from using mouthwash and dental floss until the silk is cut or as medical advice. Because the restoration of the body is different for each person. But during the first period, take a rest, see a doctor at the appointment, take the medicine. Personally, when doing the mouse, do not say anything really complicated, but the mouse is slightly irritated because of the use The doctor said that it might hurt the mouth. Which actually happened And Mao is a person who can’t live. If you don’t speak, must say. So cut the gums until the wound is very minor. The doctor said that can be put at the clinic. Friends who go to try to ask fortune teller because the mouse did not go in to do. Have to endure hurt, do not cut. TT

Summary of gum surgery at Dental me Chiang Mai this time. 
This is an illustration that the mouse shows. The image, before doing it, usually the mouse will smile like this. Meaning that seeing the edge of the lips That means having teeth only If you smile again, you’ll have to tighten your mouth as though it’s not ugly. But when laughing, unfortunately, it’s full. The teeth are very short. The doctor informed. Whether to increase the length of the teeth by 2-3 mm depending on the teeth, which after being made out as shown in the picture Still see A little bit of blood The teeth became longer and clearer. After 2 weeks, the teeth were very natural. For a friend to see, no one can see that they cut the gums. Meaning that the gums and teeth are very natural The teeth span is longer and can be seen by itself. Smiling from ugly will be much better. There is no any abnormal feeling on the gums. Brushing, flossing can be done normally. Who is worried that Cut and then not natural. Gums are not strong. Not relevant at all The mouse does not have anything wrong. Almost do not even remember that we cut the gums Now, when smiling, is more confident. Is not to be afraid that anyone will be shocked by our gums The front teeth are long, arranged, beautiful, very happy. Worthwhile.
This picture can be used with a mouth wedge. For friends to see clearly Because the mouse is a very small mouth To smile, tearing out clearly is a bit difficult. Notice the top picture before making the teeth. Clearly very short. Then rise at the arrow that indicates that the teeth will appear Need to sharpen Or else there will be problems in the future And when looking with the naked eye by myself, it looks like it will penetrate into the TT. The bottom picture is the picture that the doctor took immediately after doing. Silk will have a little bruising
As said Smiling to see the gum is a problem that the mouse has a lot of lack of confidence. In recent years, the mouse has always wanted to cut the gums to solve problems. Which the heart did not dare to do Until Which has both opportunity and Desire to do So I decided to do Like when I got my nose done for the first time, I was so scared, very scared, worried that this would hurt like that Actually, it’s not as scary as we thought. And didn’t take care of anything difficult, just whether it was at our mouth after doing 5-7 days before cutting When you smile, you might see a little bit black. Which if we don’t smile very wide, no one can see it The mouse lives a very normal life. Therefore, any friends who are interested in gingival gingival surgery, would recommend. Drop by here Because following the review The review is based entirely on real experience. The doctor gives suggestions in pictures. And the result It is very pleasant. The mouse is already a short tooth. Very short like a small tooth, the doctor informed me that it won’t come out a lot. After doing it, you might not even notice that Clearly changed But ourselves, we know Some people who don’t look at us might say that it was the same. Regardless of doing some plastic surgery, Mao would like to recommend your friends that Do not take other people’s words as the deciding factor that makes My confidence or feelings towards myself have changed. For example, some people come to consult for nose surgery. Why do you want to do it again? The answer is Others say it’s natural. Others say it can’t be seen as supplementary. Like this Meaning that if we take other people’s words as our own judgment I myself will be less. We must know ourselves. That it’s good The word is made naturally. Honestly, I’m so happy. Surgery to make it stand out for others, such as rhinoplasty, to provide a high ridge as a dam. The end of the dash will prick the face. It’s obvious, but in surgery, they don’t see it as beautiful, or if you want to make a thick eyelid, you know that I’m doing it, but ask if it’s on my face. The mouse seems strange, it looks as well. Regarding the tooth itself, if it looks superficially, it won’t be obvious that You cut the gums, right? Her teeth are longer, right? The mouse doesn’t want that. Didn’t want plastic surgery and changed at all But want to look better Which we will know for sure how much it has improved And this time, cutting off the gum When the mouse is smiling, the mouse is very satisfied. Happy very much. Know that it’s not worried about smiling and seeing gums anymore. This one is to smile and see a little gum. But it’s not the ugly smile you see the gums like before The teeth also get longer, which is not unusual, because the mouse likes the teeth that are small and short. It makes the face look young too. I don’t know. But we like what we are like us like this. Regarding the care here Before and after The mouse is not disappointed. Therefore dare to tell others, be knowledgeable, give information to other people who are interested I asked if there was any problem or not? After cutting the silk, there is no contact Problems after doing or Must see a doctor. Very normal, in a short time Which have to thank Dental Me very much again That provides knowledge and care Giving good advice, thanks to the doctor, counterattack, doctor Chai, the body is recovering very quickly and there is no bruising at all.
For friends who are interested Can be contacted via this way
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