?Gummy Smile at DentalMe, promotion of 7,900 baht, from the normal 12,000 baht.?

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The teeth are short, many gums can be resolved. Thank you. Reviews and Beautiful smile from Khun Fai @ffaii_ffberry
Gummy Smile Gum Removal at DentalME Clinic Another program that many people ask for

Now there is a promotion of 7,900 baht, from the normal 12,000 baht. # Supervised by dentists who have expertise in every case.
And can also pay 0% interest installments for 10 months for Kasikorn Bank credit cards


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Gum surgery is not as scary as you think ??
Fai will share his gum cutting experience for the first time !!
(Picture before and after, scroll through now)

First of all tell me, Cotton is a lot of gum people.
Meaning smile Taking a picture, will pamper your mouth a bit, haha.
It was very problematic and decided to look for a gum surgery clinic based on reviews, so I came across dentalme clinic chiangmai, Dara branch @dentalme_clinic. This is a lot of reviews. Free gum cutting for the whole mouth. Promotional price 7,900 ฿ from 12,000 ฿

Feelings after cutting gums To say that it is not as painful as you think. Other than that, I didn’t feel anything at all. It took only 45 minutes to cook. After making it, it was normal. Stop eating solids Eat soft, not spicy food. Who is looking for a clinic Or have a lot of gum problems, cotton recommended @dentalme_clinic Lovely staff, doctors pay attention to details. Anyone interested can inquire ?

New branch in front of CMU Panna. Parking lot is convenient for every travel. # Ready to make an appointment for a dentist. Click http://goo.gl/maps/TkayFDnJqqF2
Branch 1 Phra Singh 053-327203, 088-263-2630
Branch 2, Dara Hotel 053-244-106, 088-263-4768
Branch 3 Page, CMU (Panna) 053-218-750, 088 552 1009

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Dentalme Clinic ChiangMai specializes in dentistry. Solving mouth and dental health problems For the confidence of patients, smiling without problems
The clinic that people talk the most”

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