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Full dental clinic Which is served by more than 30 experienced dentists in all branches, ready to provide service solve the health and beauty problems of your teeth and oral cavity.
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DentalMe dental clinic

Dentalme Clinic ChiangMai, a complete dental clinic Which is serviced by over 30 experienced dentists in all branches, which are ready to provide patients with the highest standards under modern tools and equipment Sterilized To ensure that all patients are treated under standard treatment the best from us

Plenty Of Professional Dentists

One Stop Service

Complete dental service With an affordable price Whether general dentistry, orthodontics, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, gum disease, wisdom teeth removal, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, and more

Offers highest quality of dental equipment

At "Dental Me Clinic", we have a full range of equipment for solving health and beauty problems of your teeth and oral cavity. We take care of hygiene strictly. And update equipment and technology always up to date So you get the best

At DentalMe we use

Dentist tools and technology The most advanced !!

We have invested So that our clinic has the highest quality Allowing you to use medical technology equipment That is modern and the best To effectively solve all your problems!

The most modern technology!

Analysis software is the perfect solution for 2D and 3D imaging. NNT enables the most accurate generation of 2D and 3D images. X-RAY

Convenient, fast

With technology This 3D teeth scanner and scanner can help diagnose your problem as quickly as possible. Analyze problems precisely

Analyze every problem

Whether you want orthodontics / implants / orthodontics / or various facial contours We can use this machine to see the problem. And treating the dentist at the exact spot without any redundancy

DentalMe Best Clinic in Chiangmai

one-stop service dental care clinic that operates with more than 30 experienced dentists who are ready to served our customers with high standard and hi-tech and sterilized tools to ensure our customers’ satisfaction,

One-stop service dental clinic

Orthodontics By expert in the movement Orthodontic for esthetic Orthodontics using mini screw Fixing difficult cases without surgery Teeth whitening - Implant – Gummy smile Convenient with 3 branches. Can make an appointment online 24 hours. Clinics that Chiang Mai people choose to use the service and tell the most. With many promotions for you to choose to use the service To meet all your needs

Having teeth and oral problems

Make an appointment & Consult with us

Let us take care your oral health

Has a beautiful smile & good teeth

Dentalme Clinic ChiangMai specializes in dentistry. Solving mouth and dental health problems For the confidence of patients, smiling without problems
The clinic that people talk the most”

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