Review INVISALIGN – Clear Aligner

Had a chance to come to consult the invisalign brand of clear orthodontics at Dental Clinic The clear braces have the advantage of Will not see the iron to disturb No problems with wire problems. Can be washed off as well For those who don't want their look to look too young, it's invisalign. Most importantly, the clinic has a clinic. Reliable because the doctor gave very detailed advice. Really care and care. We come to the 3rd branch in front of Chiang Mai University. Don't worry about parking. If anyone is interested or wants more information Go ahead and review first at or IG: @dentalme_clinic #dentalme #dentalme_clinic

Followed on the page for a long time Saw only having invisalign clear braces, so came in to discuss clear braces with the doctor Personally, I don't like wire. Because when dressing up for a make-up event And felt strange oddness, the doctor said that this kind of braces come faster than the original one And can be cleaned as well Anyone interested in invisalign clear orthodontics can visit at Dental Clinic. For the price, I'm not sure because they have 3 types to choose Dentalme Clinic Chiang-Mai. or IG: @dentalme_clinic