Today, Dome comes to consult the doctor for teeth whitening. Because the orthodontic treatment is done after rarely taking care of the teeth
Noticed for a while that the teeth color was not white as before I chose Dental because there are a lot of reviews here.
And always have promotions Right now, the dome still has a promotion. Can follow each other on the page
And anyone who is interested wants the doctor to help see other matters as well There are also here.
The prominent features are clear invisalign orthodontics, teeth bleaching, gingival removal, or wanting to change the retainer.
Because there are so many models to choose from. or IG: @dentalme_clinic

💗Say goodbye to brown, yellow and mottled tooth staining that caused by drinking tea, coffee.
A patient used our teeth whitening treatment 2 years ago and today he/she has returned to do this treatment again.
To prevent tooth sensitivity, the dentist decided to apply small amount of anesthetic so the patient has
no side effect after the treatment. Thank you to all our patient for trusting Dentalme Clinic to take care of your beautiful smile.

Review from VD_SMIZLIEX: Teeth whitening treatment 😄

Many asked me why my teeth looks very white. Today I’m going to tell you all my secret of having a white teeth. I have done teeth whitening for many years ago.
Now it has stain and not as white as before. I chose to do teeth whitening treatment at @dentalme_clinic The doctor is very kind.
They asked you question and make you feel comfortable. The dentist also compare the chart of color before and after the treatment.
It doesn't take long, about 45 minutes. You'll see that the teeth are brighter and whiter immediately. >>>
The branch that I went to is at the Panna Na Village in front of CMU. #teethwhitening #chiangmai #beautifulteeth @dentalme_clinic

Teeth Whitening & Braces by Mrs. Pla

#Repost @khun_lukpla
😁I Can smile wide without feeling embarrassed. My teeth are already white. Very white. No need for the veneer. Having a yellow teeth look unattractive.
Today, I have my teeth bleaching at the DentalMe clinic, a branch in front of Dara School. Dr. Bo is lovely. The clinic offers the best service.
My teeth are multiple times whiter than before. Before the treatment, I thought I would get sensitive teeth. But actually it’s not sensitive as much as I thought.
I was sleeping comfortably. Whoever is interested to get a teeth whitening treatment, I recommended you this clinic, DentalMe clinic 😍😍😍😍😍
#teethwhitening #chiangmai #beautifulteeth @dentalme_clinic 😍😍😍😍😍 #ฟอกฟันขาว #เชียงใหม่ #ฟันสวย @dentalme_clinic

Teeth Whitening by Mr. chayin_pskd

#Repost @chayin_pskd
This will be a long review. I was thinking about getting a teeth whitening at the clinic because I used to have a at home-kit which took a long time to whiten my teeth.
Usually, I like to eat iced tea, green tea and it left stain on my teeth causing my teeth to look less white. Today I have the opportunity to come and have teeth whitening
at @dentalme_clinic . It’s just near the house. They have a promotion and used an import solution from USA. The doctor was very kind and very gentle.
The dentist also compare the chart of color before and after the treatment. It doesn't take long, about 45 minutes. Teeth will gradually become whiter.
This picture is after the bleaching. I have a big smile and I feel more confident, hahaha😂💕 #teethwhitening #chiangmai #beautifulteeth @dentalme_clinic

Teeth Whitening by Mrs. sayurii__

Today I have teeth whitening at Dentalme Clinic. Doctor Bo is cute and very gentle. Previously, my teeth does not look bright because I drink a lot of coffee.
Immediately after the first bleaching, the teeth becomes whiter. There are total 3 bleaching and each take 15 minutes.
Bleaching solution is imported from USA as well. Most importantly they have a special promotion. This picture was taken immediately after the treatment.
Also, I can feel teeth sensitivity a little bit after the bleaching.💖💖😃👄
#teethwhitening #chiangmai #beautifulteeth @dentalme_clinic

Teeth Whitening by khun. Naimo

🌟🌟🌟Normally, I don’t do the review but my teeth look so white I can’t help it but to share with everyone here, in case those who are interested in whitening teeth can get some idea😂😂😂 . Normally, I regularly bleached. I did it myself at home🌟🌟🌟. And do it with the doctor at the clinic 1-2 times in a year, which the laser treatment procedure is all the same at any clinic. First they apply the solution to increase the efficiency for the medicine.
😒😒😒😓Normally, I chose ZOOM method. And I won’t argue that the result is very satisfactory. Whiter teeth can be seen immediately. But one of the thing that I need to prepare is that immediately after that I will feel sensitivity on my teeth, so much that I almost can't sleep at night. This will happen on the first 2-3 nights after doing. After that, I did the teeth whitening at home. But without blocking the gums. As a result, the gum bite was effect by the solution and it felt painful, my gums were completely peeled off🙄🌟🌟🌟.
Recently, I tried another clinic that my friend recommended. I met with Doctor Bo and consult with her that I just need my teeth to be a bit whiter 😁😁😁(Because I was fear to get sensitive teeth and rotten gums). The doctor recommended a reagent which is a unique formula at DentalMe clinic. The doctor also describes how it works but I’m still doubting if it’s really good ??? Because normally when I do bleaching, I feel the sensitivity as soon as the doctor has applied the solution. But this time, I didn’t feel anything so wonder about the effectiveness of the solution here. The doctor will bleach in total 3 times and each time will take 10-15 minutes. In total, it only takes 45-50 minutes. Each time, the doctor will compare the color chart for me. Immediately after seeing the first round, my teeth are whiten up to 2 levels. The result was beyond expectation because I didn’t feel teeth sensitive or any pain on my gums as before. Until the doctor applied the solution again. 2nd, 3rd time, the result is very white. I was expected my teeth to be whiten by 1 level but it turns out to be whiter to 3 levels! Once done, I went out to eat normally. And no sensitive teeth overnight like before. I’m very much satisfied. Now they have a promotion from 10,000 to 4,900 only. Contact DentalMe clinic for more details at 053-244-106. #teethwhitening #chiangmai #beautifulteeth @dentalme_clinic

Teeth Whitening by Mrs. mooupinkk

This review will be a long review😙. Because I wanted to do this treatment for a long time. Firstly, I have to admit that I’m addicted to drinking tea, iced green tea. I need to drink those everyday, causing the stain on teeth. Therefore I think teeth whitening could be the solution for me. I have the opportunity to have teeth whitening at @dentalme_clinic. Before the bleaching, I asked the doctor for details. The solution here is imported from USA, this’s the only place in Chiang Mai to imported this solution. Most importantly, they have the promotion now hahahaha. After my treatment, I can say that the doctor here is very nice and gentle. At first I thought I would get a teeth sensitivity but it didn’t happen. During the treatment the doctor keep asking about how I feel, very attentive. The doctor was comparing shades of teeth after every bleaching (ie, bleach 3 times😙, 15 minutes each time, the teeth will become whiter). The image that you see is me after the treatment, you can see that my teeth look whiter. #beautifulsmile #teethwhitening #chiangmai #beautifulteeth @dentalme_clinic

Teeth Whitening by Mrs. leggae

Having a white teeth and beautiful smile is my dream. Many people criticized me of having a very yellow teeth. This happened after braces. Also I like to drink tea.
I would go mad if I don’t get one everyday, haha until I meet with @dentalme_clinic. They helps to whiten my teeth to become white ras you can see now.
The treatment included 3 times bleaching in total, until the teeth color is different (as in the picture). You just need to sit and smile to the ceiling only 10 minutes each time.
Now, I can smile more often. Thank you very much. @Dentalme_clinic I’m very much appreciated and happy. #teethwhitening #chiangmai #beautifulteeth @dentalme_clinic