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Orthodontics By dental professionals

Use metal braces. To shape the teeth back into a beautiful arrangement Increase confidence in your smile. As well as to solve problems in the alignment of teeth, such as distal teeth, overbite, overlapping teeth, overhang teeth, and others, resulting in problems in snacking Not natural Causing food debris to follow the teeth Which will cause later tooth decay

Price starting at only 40,000 baht (can pay in installments)

Orthodontic Is the dentistry that gives importance to the arrangement of the teeth

Because the teeth that are in an orderly arrangement can affect the face shape Efficiency and methods of occlusion And the ease in maintaining clean teeth The problems that should be treated are as follows: Over Crowding | Deep overbite | Open bite | Overjet | | Under-bite | Cross-bite occlusion | Space between teeth Orthodontist Will be able to design Plan to change the position of the teeth so that it can move to the correct and appropriate position. Therefore, patients can have beautifully arranged teeth. And the efficiency of chewing as well

Orthodontics can be divided into 2 major types which are

Fixed braces

Normal Braces

Which this form of orthodontics is firmly fixed Will have orthodontics by Using 4 different methods and materials as follows
• Orthodontics with metal braces
• Ceramic Braces
• Orthodontics using Damon or Clarity SL tools
• Lingual braces

Removable braces

Clear Aligner

Invisalign® clear orthodontics is a clear orthodontic braces. That can be removed Convenient to clean You can eat your favorite food. Not an obstacle And is individually designed by 3D computerized system. Invisalign braces can be treated in difficult and complex cases.

  • For beauty and for better personality, teeth look more beautiful, smile more beautiful So that the teeth can perform at full capacity Has better teething And chew food better than before.
  • For good dental and oral health Because if there are problems with overlapping teeth, overhang teeth, etc., it will not make the teeth clean thoroughly And often have tooth decay problems that follow When braces are in place Cleaning will be more effective as well. Which helps reduce the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis.
  • Helps reduce bad breath Due to unclean brushing Especially in people with disordered teeth.
  • Some people have braces and habits, keeping clean and discipline will become more habitual.
  • In some cases, the face frame may become more formidable and look better. The mouth is not closed, because the teeth do not overheat.
  • Help adjust indirect eating habits Not biting solids Don’t bite nails.
  • For those who have problems with spacing or teeth that have an incisors with open incisors (Noodles bite) after the braces are finished. Will help to pronounce more accurately and clearly.
  • Most orthodontics are expensive.
  • In some cases, multiple (complete) teeth must be extracted.
  • Taut, sore teeth at the beginning of tool adjustment
  • It takes a long time for the tooth to begin to enter for at least 2 years.
  • When attaching the braces, it is difficult to clean the teeth. And risk tooth decay. If you don’t take care of food, you may get frequent braces.
  • Some words are unclear after orthodontic
  • Some people may feel that their teeth are very weak. Cannot chew anything hard.
  • The retainer must be worn after many years or forever to maintain the alignment.
  • Must visit the dentist regularly.

1. See a DentalMe doctor

In general orthodontic procedures First and foremost, patients must schedule an appointment with a dentist to discuss problems and plan treatment.

2. Print Tooth type

To save the details Check the teeth condition And there is a dental x-ray to see the structure of the face and jaw.

3. Check teeth before braces

Check teeth before whether to have dental treatment first or not, such as tooth extraction, tooth filling, gum disease, root canal etc. because it is necessary to cure before wearing braces. Various practices and agreed on the cost of orthodontics

4. Making Braces

Listen to recommendations and guidelines and agree on the cost of orthodontics. The dentist will attach the orthodontic equipment. In the beginning, will feel some pain (Depending on the method of orthodontics) but the symptoms will gradually improve until healed within 1-2 weeks

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