Periodontal dentistry

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Periodontal dentistry

Periodontal Disease, commonly known as Gingivitis, but in fact, periodontitis does not occur only in the gums. However, it is a disease that can occur with the organs around the teeth, including the gums, sockets of bones, ligaments, periodontitis and the root of the tooth.

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What is periodontitis?

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that are caused by plaque. And the limestone that sticks to the tooth surface Gingivitis can be treated easily by cleaning the teeth by a dentist. Brushing and flossing properly If the bacteria are left for a long time, the bacteria will gradually become hard and become limestone. And destroying the gum tissue and the tooth socket In the first phase of this gingivitis Can be restored to normal because the bones and tissues surrounding the root canal have not been destroyed. But if left without treatment for gingivitis, it may become periodontitis. Causing permanent damage to teeth and bones around the root canal Until causing the teeth to rock and eventually having to withdraw

Details of periodontal dentistry

The symptoms indicate that it may be gum disease or periodontitis.

Periodontitis occurs when the patient neglects gingivitis. With accumulated scaling for a long time And did not see the dentist for treatment The bacteria in the limestone will destroy the bones that surround the teeth, causing the bone covering the teeth to dissolve. The teeth begin to rock. If the symptoms are swaying, the teeth may not be able to heal. And finally having to extract teeth Periodontal disease treatment generally involves scaling above the gums. And beneath the gums, including grading the teeth To make the tooth root smooth Is not an island of limestone and bacteria

  1. Bleeding while brushing teeth
  3. Swollen gums are red, bruised, bleed when in contact.
  5. Bad breath or strange taste in the mouth, even at an early stage.
  7. Gingival shortens teeth, lengthens teeth
  9. There may be pus in the gumline, localized pain in the gums around the teeth.
  11. Rocking teeth
  13. The separated gums do not attach well to the teeth, causing cavities to occur.
Benefits of periodontitis or gingivitis.
  1. Helps reduce bad breath and swollen gums, soothes and heals.
  3. After rooting the tooth Will make the root surface of the tooth smooth because of the removal of plaque and germs that have deposited on the root of the tooth Will help the gums to better hold back.
  5. When the tooth root is smooth, the gum tissue can become firmly attached to the tooth surface.
  7. Enabling patients to chew food better, teeth won’t move and return to good oral health.
  9. Providing patients with better oral health care and able to prevent the return of periodontal disease.
  11. When gingivitis is detected and treated immediately Will reduce the chance of losing premature teeth.
Prevention of periodontitis or gingivitis
  1. When finding gums that bleed and hurt a bit when brushing their teeth May be a primary symptom of gingivitis If left to be pus and spread infection to the root canal. Can be prevented by brushing teeth thoroughly and using dental floss to clean the teeth niche regularly. Periodontitis can be restored if poor oral care is taken. Therefore, must maintain good oral health by brushing and cleaning the teeth properly and regularly.
  3. It’s important to take care of the cleanliness of your mouth and teeth. But there may be some areas that we can’t clean thoroughly Until causing the accumulation of more plaque And hard to become limestone We therefore have to visit the dentist regularly at least 6 months or as scheduled by the dentist.
  5. Brushing and flossing correctly at least 2 times a day to remove bacteria from accumulating.
4. Avoid smoking
Periodontal disease treatment and treatment procedures The dentist will check Along with X-ray (teeth) for diagnostic evaluation Which the treatment of periodontitis There are different methods. Depends on the severity of the disease
  1. Scaling To get rid of plaque and plaque that sticks to the teeth and at the edge of the gum The dentist will scrape both the teeth and the surface of the teeth in the periodontal cavity.
  3. Whittle teeth Is to clean and smooth the root canal surface To get rid of the plaque and plaque that penetrate deep into the tooth surface, which is a very deep scaling deep beneath the gums Often need to inject anesthesia and grate in half or half in the mouth.
  5. In some cases, gingival surgery may be necessary for treatment. Dentists will consider gum surgery, open-gum surgery for many types and treatments, such as gum cutting, bone grafting, gum fissure, or surgery to deepen the root canal. Prepare things as ordered by the dentist by asking the dentist on a case-by-case basis.
  7. If having severe periodontitis Until unable to keep the teeth May need to extract teeth, such as in the case of very rocking teeth.
Treatment with scaling and root chamfering Must be repeated many times, as the root canalization may be done in separate parts, not the entire mouth at once. Patients must see a doctor by appointment. And clean the mouth as recommended by the dentist

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