Dental implants

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Dental implants

Dental implants are a modern method to replace lost natural roots. The dentist will implant the implant on the bone supporting the tooth, which will create a solid foundation for the teeth. Replace lost teeth The implants used are manufactured from titanium materials that have been researched that it does not cause any reaction from the human body or what side effects

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Dental implants are?

Dental Implant is a technology for replacing lost teeth. By using strong materials as implants to replace natural roots Currently, dental implants are commonly used, both the root and the tooth, since they are like natural teeth and work like real And helps prevent jawbone dissolving In implants, The patient must have strong gums and bones supporting the tooth roots. And after receiving dental implants, patients will have to take good care of their oral health regularly to see the dentist for dental implants.

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Who is the implant suitable for?

• Dental implants can be used by adults aged 21 years or older or have stopped growing the jawbone.

• People who are healthy enough to safely undergo oral surgery

• In the case of teenagers will still have the growth of the jawbone. Therefore it is necessary to wait for the jaw to stop growing before the implants can be implanted

Materials used to make implants

Implants are generally manufactured from titanium alloys. Due to being strong and able to blend well with body tissues

1. Tooth decay or crack deep down below the level Unable to fill or make a crown immediately

2. Teeth that are worn until the teeth are short, and the teeth are not able to fill or cover the teeth immediately.

3. Teeth with short teeth do not look beautiful.

Components of the implant

1. Dental implant Is the part that is stitched down and stretched against the bone Which will have many diameters and lengths It is up to the dentist to evaluate and select it for each patient.

2. Fixture mount Is the part connected to the dental implant, which is used to hold the implant when implanted by hand or This is the part that connects to the Insertion tool. The screw that attaches to the Fixture mount to the implant is called the Retaining screw.

3. Cover screw Is the part that covers the screw holes of the implants before sewing the gums in the implantation process There will be sizes to choose according to the size of the implant that the dentist chooses.

4. Healing cap It is a cone-shaped metal. It acts as a 4 mm height gingival. The tip looks like a screw for screwing into the implants. The upper part has a hexagonal hole for use with Hex Driver to fix it.

  • In case of replacement of some teeth Will not lose the natural dentin of the neighboring teeth.
  • In case of making a removable denture base Will help increase the efficiency of use and attachment of dentures in the mouth.
  • Replaced lost teeth
  • Implants and implants are done at one time. (In some cases)
  • Mimics the natural tooth structure (Active and beautiful like natural teeth)
  • No need to grind the side teeth to insert the bridge.
  • High cost And if the patient has weak or insufficient bones, additional surgery is required.
  • Implantation surgery may require multiple operations.
  • The period of implantation must be at least 2 – 6 months.
  • Resistance to germs Although the crowns and implants won’t decay But the gums and bones around the implant have lower resistance to germs. Therefore having to be well looked after and clean Because if there is bone inflammation around the tooth root, then the rate of bone dissolution will be faster and more severe than that in natural teeth.
  1. Hold the gauze firmly for about 1 hour if there is further bleeding. Once again, bite the clean cloth for about 1 hour.
  3. Do not use ice Use ice to wrap the compress outside of the surgical area.
  5. Stop spitting water or any mouthwash on the first day of the surgery and implant because it could cause the bleeding of the gag to fall off, which will cause more bleeding.
  7. Can brush teeth, clean teeth normally But carefully brush Don’t hurt the surgery.
  9. Can use salt water or mouthwash prescribed by a dentist. Rinse gently. On the second day after the implant surgery was completed.
  11. If there is pain Take 1-2 painkillers at a time and take the medicine prescribed by the dentist.
  13. Do not use fingers, toothpicks, or any solid objects. Picking up the wound And do not suck on wounds.
  15. Avoid drinking alcohol. Or eating very spicy or hot foods, choose light foods such as boiled rice and soup.
  17. If there is swelling or abnormalities Should go back to the dentist.

1. Treatment plan

Oral examination Check the teeth and x-rays. (In some cases, may require 3D X-ray imaging) to assess the health and disease of patients. By taking a history Inquire about drug allergy Detailed congenital disease

2. Do other treatments In the mouth first

Such as scaling, root canal treatment, tooth extraction Implantation with or without bone implants (In some cases, the bone may need to be implanted first and wait 6-9 months for the bones to heal well before implantation Or in the upper back teeth May require sinus lifting)

3. Implantation

After waiting for the implant to stick to the bone well Which normally takes about 3 months, then begins to print the mouth to continue to put the crowns

4. Follow the doctor's advice

The above procedure is a general treatment plan. The treatment of each patient is different and the dentist will give a clear treatment plan according to each case. Whether or not the implants will be successful depends on the bone condition and the response of the patient's tissues.

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