Expert clinic

Dental me is a professional dental health provider in Chiang Mai.


We are Eco-friendly dental clinic with Mercury Free (Amalgam Free).


With a team of skilled dentists Therefore has gained the trust of Chiang Mai people Come to use the service and tell the most


We collect information And the patient's treatment history on the cloud Patients can ask for treatment history and make appointments online 24 hours a day.


Dentalmi offers promotions and special discounts. Many hot spots. Follow the latest news and special promotions from us here. We have special promotions for you to use many privileges. Follow Yes, below

Dental services

Full dental clinic Which is provided by a dentist with experience in all fields. We have a form of dental services All forms of oral and dental health, solving all problems.

Appointment 24

We have a 24-hour appointment system for you to Book an appointment to make an appointment with a branch. You want to use the service straight away Just complete the form. And can wait to hear back from us


We have more than 3 branches that are ready to serve you all over Chiang Mai. For you to be as comfortable as possible Dental has, we are ready to serve you fully.

Knowledge Blog

Health articles include health care articles. Health tips, health content, dental and dental health care tips

Service price

At DentalMe Clinic We have a price for service at a friendly price, not expensive, reasonable. Cheapest, best service Definitely worth more than the price here

DentalMe, we quality guaranteed. Real review!

We have years of experience serving many customers. With guaranteed high quality and standards but not expensive With many customer reviews and celebrities, Net iDol is using our service.
Health articles include health care articles. Health tips, health content Tips for healthy teeth and mouth care

Having teeth and oral problems

Come to DentalMe to have us analyze

To have DentalMe Dr. take care

Having good dental and oral health

Dentalme Clinic ChiangMai specializes in dentistry. Solving mouth and dental health problems For the confidence of patients, smiling without problems
The clinic that people talk the most”

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