Clear aligner, Chiang Mai must "DentalMe"

Affordable price with care by a professional dentist in every case Orthodontics don’t want to stick to steel teeth. We help remove negative attitudes about orthodontics. Clear orthodontic treatment offers a new perspective in braces.


Removable Convenient to clean. You can eat your favorite food. Not an obstacle in living longer. with latest technology goes into shaping your new smile.

Take care Any type of tooth

Can be treated in difficult and complex tooth cases. Importantly, there will be no tools to distract. You will get beautiful and healthy teeth.

Real results and modern Tech

We have a team of orthodontics specialists who come together to plan treatment. And bring technology To apply for the best efficiency

Why have clear aligners at "DentalMe" ?

Show off your smile No braces to distract

Easy to remove and clean the tool Show off your smile. No braces to distract your life anymore.

More convenient than conventional braces

No worries about food scraps. Can eat the food you like Not an obstacle.

Use Smartrack® material

Invisalign aligners are made with SmartTrack® flexible material, making it super easy to remove and put on, unlike braces which are fixed. Now, you can enjoy your favorite food any time you want.

Adapted to the individual's face shape

Difficult cases can be arranged with the teeth, teeth overlap to very complex teeth. And can be used from teenagers until adulthood

Clear teeth in Chiang Mai must DentalMe Clinic

Supervised by expert doctors, convenient to travel, near anywhere, can go because we have 3 branches

One time design. Made for you.

Your custom aligners are created with comfort in mind. We engineered specifically to ensure a great fit.

Comfortable With a price that everyone can access

With an affordable price So there is no excess cost and package you
You can choose 3 designs from DentalMe.


Clear Aligner invisalign i7


Clear Aligner invisalign lite


to 180,000฿

Clear Aligner Invisalign full

Real reviews from customers

I followed their facebook page for a long time and I just notice that they offer invisalign (clear braces) treatment, so I decided to visit and discuss t about the clear braces with the doctor. Personally, I don’t like retainer. Because when going to the event, dressing up well and it may feel odd with braces. The doctor said that this kind of braces treatment is faster than the traditional treatment and the aligner can be removed for cleaning as well. Anyone who interested in invisalign treatment, you can visit DentalMe clinic. For the price, I’m not sure because they have 3 types of treatment to choose from. Dentalme Clinic Chiang-Mai. or IG: @dentalme_clinic

Mr P. Panping

I had a chance to come to consult the about invisalign brand at Dentalme Clinic. This clear braces have the advantage of invisible appearance of retainer, comfort and can clean the aligner. For those who doesn’t want to look too much like teenagers. I recommended to get the inivisalign .Most importantly, Dentalme clinic is reliable with a team of professional dentist to take care of your teeth and give you details. You will be taken care under the expert care. I used the service at the branch near Chiang Mai University. Parking space is available. If anyone is interested or wants more information Read the review first at or IG: @dentalme_clinic #dentalme #dentalme_clinic


Due to the anterior teeth protruding Unconfident smile Search the internet Confident in the quality of treatment of DentalMe Dental Center.

Khun. Man

Come to receive the main services, is the matter of clear orthodontics Teeth whitening And then about digging limestone Because it's also close to home, and when I search for the information, I feel that this is a reliable clinic

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