Teeth Cleaning & Dental Polishing

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Teeth Cleaning & Dental Polishing

Teeth Cleaning is the removal of plaque caused by the accumulation of food scraps or bacteria. Over time, it then becomes a limestone stain. Which if left to accumulate in the mouth May lead to gum disease, periodontitis, or tooth decay. If you do not often scaling May cause the gums to sift !!

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What is teeth scaling and polishing?

Teeth polishing is the polishing of the stain after the scaling has been carried out. To get rid of color stains from food stuck on the surface of the teeth. / Fluoride is a protective agent And reduces tooth decay Helps the structure of the enamel be strong Better resistance to cavities

Details of teeth scaling and polishing

Causes of limestone

Limestone is caused by a type of bacteria. Which is hiding in the nook and cracks of sugar from food scraps Will cause this infection to grow Along with producing some acids Which can destroy the minerals that are important components of enamel From then, the said bacteria Will build another layer of limestone to cover oneself Without peeling off or being washed away If left for a long time, these limestone will become thicker. While the enamel and dentin gradually decay

The age that should start scaling

Can scaling up all ages Even in childhood with primary teeth and up until the elderly in the early stages after scaling Should come back to the dentist for examination and cleaning As the dentist recommends From then, if the patient is able to clean well No gingivitis Or without deep periodontitis The dentist will appoint patients for examination and scaling within 5-6 months, every time to see the cooperation of the patients. And may also review how to clean teeth and gums as well

  1. Scaling is one of the means to prevent gum disease. Which after the scaling The person scaling should keep the mouth clean. And follow the dentist’s advice.
  3. Scaling for treatment If the plaque starts to build up and becomes solid, it should be scraped to prevent Because if left, it will cause gum disease And can cause tooth loss.
  5. Fluoride coating is good for fluoride, making the enamel stronger. Better resistant to acid corrosion created by oral bacteria.
  7. Helps reduce bad breath and swollen gums, soothes and heals.
  9. When regularly inspecting oral health and visiting a dentist every 3-6 months, it reduces the chance of gingivitis or periodontitis. If timely treatment
We can prevent limestone by removing plaque in the mouth by
  1. Brushing twice a day in the morning and before bedtime Brushing teeth after every meal is very good. But if unable, spit strong water 2-3 times after the meal.
  3. Clean niche with dental floss At least 1 time a day
  5. Avoid sugary foods, especially between meals.
  7. Brushing the tongue every time after brushing and flossing also.
  9. See a dentist at least 2 times a year to check the condition of the gums and teeth. To clean the rest of the teeth from cleaning And receiving initial treatment Before you have to lose your teeth Due to dental caries and periodontitis
Scaling is a dental treatment that can be performed in a clinic. And can go home immediately after the scaling is done
Step 1 – Dental check-up In most cases, scaling will begin with a dental checkup, where the dentist will perform a total dental check and gingivitis. Or other dental health problems
Step 2 – Scaling The dentist will begin to use tools to remove plaque and bacteria from the area near the gums and between the gums and teeth. Which may cause the patient to hear scraping Whether this will take a long time depends on the amount of limestone and the area where the limestone occurred. Bleeding during scaling is normal. Due to the limb inflamed gums will bleed easily due to the slightest touch.
Step 3 – Teeth cleaning or polishing After all the scaling has been carried out The dentist will use equipment that is prepared for dental polishing. Which is used to clean and remove the remaining plaque after scraping away In this regard, dental polishing uses a dental polishing powder specifically used for dental polishing.
Step 4 – Using dental floss by a dentist When the teeth have been polished The dentist will use dental floss to help determine the area of ​​the teeth or gums that have the problem. In this process, it may cause bleeding from the gums if the gums in the area are weak
Step 5 – Mouthwash At the end of the process of using dental floss The dentist will give you a mouthwash first to clean the remaining debris from the scaling. To proceed to the next step
Step 6 – Fluoride coating Fluoride coating is the last step in scaling The fluoride coating will temporarily protect the tooth from tooth decay. The doctor will put the enamel in the tray with a fluoride-like tray that looks like a tooth printing tray. Then let the patient bite for about 1 minute then remove It is finished.

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