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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a change in the color of natural teeth to be brighter. Teeth whitening will not damage the teeth by grinding the teeth. Or erode dentin Or causing damage to the teeth in any way Because we use high standard equipment and a team of specialized dentists Guaranteed white !!

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Many people are interested in teeth whitening methods to make a smile. For whiter and brighter teeth And for beauty Because there are many options for teeth whitening So there should be one method that is suitable for each person as well There are two types of stains that can cause teeth to discolor. The first type is internal stains, which occur inside the enamel. Internal stains may occur due to Medications that mothers use during pregnancy Or over-exposure to fluoride on a young day Stains caused by the outside are the result of drinking. Various beverages such as tea, coffee, age for the formation of plaque and plaque Or smoking.

Details about teeth whitening

Methods that can be chosen

1. Teeth whitening at the clinic is usually more expensive than buying a teeth whitening product. But saw results faster Should consult a dentist before every treatment

2. Teeth whitening at home There are many options for whitening methods. May choose to use general toothpaste, mouthwash, teeth whitening strips or teeth whitening gels. Gel trays are a popular method. But must have the dentist print the teeth and help choose the right teeth whitening kit The cost of this type of teeth whitening is cheaper than teeth whitening at the clinic.

Sensitivity after teeth whitening

If having sensitive teeth Can heal symptoms by:
1. If using a teeth whitening tray Put the tray for a shorter period of time.

2. Brushing teeth with toothpaste to help reduce sensitive teeth

3. Consult with the dentist about fluoride-containing products that will help strengthen the teeth. By brushing or wearing the tray for 4 minutes before and after teeth whitening

4. Stop whitening for many times A day for the teeth to adapt to the teeth whitening process within 24 hours. Sensitive teeth often stop When we have teeth whitening for how long? Sensitive teeth will only reduce.

In case of not recommending teeth whitening

If the dentist may not recommend teeth whitening:
1. Problems with gum disease. Enamel, tooth decay, tooth decay and sensitive teeth.

2. Being pregnant or currently breastfeeding.

3. Have dental crowns or fillings with colored materials like the front teeth that can't be bleached

1. Teeth whitening at the clinic

In the tanning clinic, light is used to stimulate the disintegration of the solution. To break up Giving the opportunity to increase whiter teeth Currently, the light that is used extensively are LED Cool Light and Laser. Plasma light in Thailand is not popular, both LED Cool Light and Laser. At present, the manufacturers themselves have developed their products better.

LED Cool Light has many brands such as Zoom, Beyound, Opalesence and many others. The main active ingredients are similar. But may be mixed with other substances to help differentiate

Zoom Whitening teeth whitening system

Zoom! Teeth Whitening, the world-class laser teeth whitening technology, helps to whiten teeth, adjust the color shade of teeth. Used for just 1 hour. Zoom designed for light energy. Stimulate the effectiveness of teeth whitening gel To penetrate into the tooth surface To remove yellow teeth, tea, coffee stains and discolored teeth using this method Will not destroy the structure of natural teeth According to studies and research, teeth whitening with Zoom! Under the supervision of a doctor Is a safe teeth whitening that also results from research that Zoom’s teeth whitening increases the efficiency of the teeth whitening gel by 26% and can change the color of the teeth up to 8 shades. In addition, it helps reduce tooth sensitivity 13% better than other types of teeth whitening (results Treatment depends on many factors and is different for each patient)

Zoom teeth whitening can be done in 2 types which are

Teeth whitening by dentists in the clinic (In office)
Home teeth whitening (Home Bleaching)

Teeth whitening procedures
  1. The dentist will perform an oral examination before beginning teeth whitening. If it is found to have limestone, it is recommended to scrape the teeth and scrub first Patients who already have healthy teeth can begin treatment.
  3. The dentist will check and compare the shades of the teeth before undergoing teeth whitening.
  5. Wear protective glasses for the patient. And equipment is inserted into the mouth (Lip Retractor)
  7. The dentist will protect the gums and the surrounding area by using the special solution that comes with the teeth whitening kit. Zoom to protect the gums and the tissues around the teeth that are to be bleached. And shine the light to solidify the liquid.
  9. The dentist will squeeze the solution from the tube And use a brush to apply to each tooth (some dentists may have a light irradiation to stimulate the teeth whitening before stimulating with the Zoom).
  11. The dentist will stimulate by laser from the machine To stimulate the whitening solution to work faster and more efficiently Which will take To repeat this way 3-4 times for 15 minutes at a time.
  13. After 15 minutes, 3-4 times, the dentist will remove teeth whitening and gum protection solutions
  15. Comparison of colors before and after teeth whitening so patients can see the difference.
  17. The dentist will apply the solution to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth. And there is also a solution for applying on the gums to reduce the burning sensation caused by teeth whitening.
Suggestions and Practices after Teeth Whitening
  • Patients receiving treatment for serious illnesses or are at risk Should consult your doctor before receiving services.
  • Teeth with fillings in multiple areas Or the fillings are very wide Results may not be obvious and are more effective when treated with a method other than teeth whitening.
  • Spotted teeth Is a strip from the effects of tetracycline Or shedding of fluoride teeth May not be fully affected by teeth whitening or no results at all Or may also need to use other methods of teeth whitening.
  • Sensitive teeth The pain is normal, may occur in the first 24 hours after teeth whitening. But in people with receding gums Tooth decay that has not been treated for cracked teeth, worn teeth, occlusion Or wear on the teeth Oral ulcers There are fillings that are leaky. And / or already having sensitive teeth May experience stronger teeth sensitivity or sensitivity after 24 hours
  • Soft tissue irritation (gums, lips, or cheeks) from leaks or contact with the gel and / or LED light is present and can disappear by itself in 2-3 days after whitening.
  • Dry / peeling lips From having the lips stretched for a long time Soothes by using Vaseline lip balm.
  • Teeth whitening gel may enter the leaky area of ​​the filling, causing severe pain, so check the original filling and if there is a chance of leakage, re-fill the filling before bleaching. teeth Can be fixed by using teeth whitening trays Or come back to do tooth whitening again To continuously whiten the teeth.
  • Avoid eating dark food, as it can cause staining of teeth on the teeth, such as drinking coffee, coffee, dark food As well as avoiding toothpastes of various colors.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol of all kinds. Because there may be staining on the teeth.

2. Home teeth whitening (Home Bleaching)

Home-style teeth whitening equipment and rejuvenation at home. There are 2 types of tooth whitening at home, depending on the dentist’s charge. Is Zoom Nite White 22% / Zoom Day White 16% What is Zoom Nite White and Day White? For put in the teeth whitening trays To wear in the mouth during the day and night Or at any time that is convenient Carbamide Peroxide contains 22%, 16% and Hydrogen Peroxide, a substance that helps to remove stains from the teeth. In addition, ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) is added, which is a substance that helps prevent and reduce tooth sensitivity.
Home teeth whitening procedures at home
  1. Begin by going to the dentist to print your mouth and make a personal whitening tray.
  3. The dentist will perform an oral examination before beginning teeth whitening. If it is found to have limestone, it is recommended to scrape the teeth and scrub first Patients who already have healthy teeth can begin treatment.
  5. The dentist will give instructions on how to use the tray and whitening solution.
  7. Before starting teeth whitening, brush your teeth thoroughly And the teeth whitening trays should be completely dry.
  9. To squeeze the toothpaste out as small as mung bean Squeeze into the bleaching tray that will touch the surface of our teeth When putting the bleaching trays into the mouth Gently massage to spread the liquid over the tooth surface.
  11. Wear the upper and lower teeth whitening trays. Wear it for 1-2 hours a day, 1 time a day for those who have sensitive teeth. Recommend using every other day.
  13. After completion Take the bleaching tray out of the mouth, then spit out the water and rinse the bleaching tray with clean water. Use a brush to wipe off the remaining liquid, allow to dry, then store in a dry box. For re-use next time

Benefits of traditional teeth whitening <<<<>> Zoom

  • Fast and convenient
  • Less sensitive teeth
  • Safe and effective
  • Cared for by dentists.
Benefits of teeth whitening
  • Increase confidence Create a better personality in a smile.
  • Safe, convenient, can be done for the general public.
  • Can fix yellow teeth, dark teeth, or stains that appear more white.
  • Brighten up your smile More shine
  • Makes teeth look healthy and clean.

The teeth will remain white for 1-2 years. Teeth may come back yellow, slowly. Depends on housekeeping And eating food for good results.

Teeth whitening results Depending on the tooth color that has come since the original And the response to treatment varies from person to person.

For good results, avoid smoking. And drinking coffee, tea / teeth whitening. There are no side effects that are harmful to teeth if they have been examined by a dentist.

In some cases there may be irritation to the gums. Fix by using less amount of bleach and reducing the number of hours spent in bleaching.

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